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March 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Regular Meeting of March 16, 2016

10200 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


1.   Call to Order: Chair Tri Ta called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


2.  Roll Call

Chair Tri Ta — Westminster          Present
Director Michael Vo — Fountain Valley                         Present
Director Margie Rice — Westminster                            Present
Director Cheryl Brothers — Fountain Valley                Present
Director Dave Shawver — Stanton                                Present
Director Mike Posey — Huntington Beach                   Present
Director Carol Warren — Stanton                                  Present
Vice Chair Barbara Delgleize — Huntington Beach     Present



PCTA staff members present:
John M. Borack                       General Manager
Louis Rocha                Video Production Manager
Christine M. Gilbert       Administrative Assistant
Also present:

Michelle Molko                 Attorney
Julie Roman                       City of Stanton
Diana Dobbert                  City of Westminster
Tim Davis                           City of Fountain Valley
Maggie Le                           City of Fountain Valley


3.  Public Comments: None.


4.  Consent Calendar: Director Brothers motioned to approve the consent calendar; seconded by Director Shawver, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


5. Reports:
A.  Report of Board Members: Director Brothers followed up on a seminar she attended regarding small cell attachments and sharing some developments in that arena in local government. Director Shawver informed the Board that his hopes of cities working with Ericsson Communications in the future will not come true, as the company has now gone into contract with larger companies such as Time Warner Cable and Sprint.  Attorney Molko added that there are companies such as Google who are laying fiber throughout entire cities for internet and other services.


Director Brothers also mentioned she was a guest on Time Warner Cable’s “Local Edition,” and that while she was at Time Warner’s facilities she spoke with Kristy Hennessey, Vice President of Government Affairs at Time Warner Cable, concerning the TWC/Charter merger and PCTA’s desired control of Channel 6. General Manager Borack mentioned that he will be composing another letter to send to TWC concerning Channel 6.


B.  Report of Administration: General Manager Borack summarized the report, which included channel, rate change and programming notifications from the video service providers; recent press coverage including “CPRS Honors PCTA Producer” in the Orange County Register, “Lots of Heroes at Super Saturday Event” (PCTA mentioned) in the Fountain Valley View, and “HB Wins: Rec Report” in The Local News; a letter to Time Warner Cable regarding PCTA operation of Channel 6; a thank you letter from the City of Fountain Valley for the “Youth in Government Day” and “Fit and Fabulous” productions; the initiation of the 2014-2015 fiscal year audit; the premier and airing of the PCTA-produced program on Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach’s involvement with the Special Olympics World Games;  an updated customer complaint log; and new PSAs produced by PCTA regarding El Nino and a promotional spot for PCTA currently airing on all four channels. General Manager Borack also reminded the Board that Form 700’s are due to the county by April 1, and that they can be filed online; he also noted the SCAN-NATOA conference is coming up in June, and that PCTA was in the process of selecting entries for the STAR Awards, to which Director Rice reacted that “Young at Heart” must be entered, as she believes it is outstanding. General Manager Borack also shared with the Board signs printed out for each of the cities’ Senior Centers to post airdates , times and channels on which “Young at Heart” can be viewed. Video Production Manager Rocha presented the production status report.


C.  Report of the PCTA Attorney: Attorney Molko had nothing to report. Director Shawver asked Attorney Molko about board members voting to approve PCTA payments to organizations from which Board Members may have received a form of contribution. Attorney Molko will look into the question.


6.   New Business:

A. Mid-Year Budget Review: General Manager Borack provided background on the need for budget adjustments on a few line items, with a proposal to move $750 from Production Supplies to Telephone and $1000 from Production Supplies to Information Technology/Network on the PEG Budget. For the Administrative Budget, it was proposed to move $450 from Directors Fees to Legal Services, $1,050 from Seminars/Conventions to Legal Services, $600 from Technical/Industry Support to Miscellaneous Business Expense, and $350 from Seminars/Conventions to Miscellaneous Business Expense. Director Brothers asked what costs fall under “miscellaneous business expenses,” which was answered meeting food, office cleaning, and some other various expenses. There was some discussion as to which other categories/line items such miscellaneous charges could be moved to. Attorney Molko suggested bringing category descriptions for the budget line items when the Board is discussing Budget reviews and other budgeting items. Director Shawver asked how much of PCTA’s LAIF fund is reserves. General Manager Borack said he would have to check, but that he believed the number to be approximately $2 million, and confirmed that all of PCTA’s investments are in LAIF reserves. Director Shawver said he would like to see a percentage increase in reserves over the past 5 years. As PCTA staff had presented similar statistics recently, staff will find that information and present it at the next Board meeting. Director Brothers motioned to approve and adopt the proposed budget adjustments; seconded by Vice Chair Delgleize, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


B. Westminster City Council Chambers Equipment Upgrade: General Manager Borack presented bids from three vendors for equipment and installation of new equipment in the Westminster City Council Chambers, consisting of offers from Vidiflo, LLC, VMI Video, and CCS Presentation Systems. As VMI Video had the lowest bid and due to the fact that PCTA has worked with them in the past, General Manager Borack recommended the Board approve VMI Video as the vendor for the Westminster City Council Chambers equipment purchase and installation. Director Brothers motioned to approve VMI Video for a service agreement for the Westminster City Council Chambers equipment purchase and installation; seconded by Director Posey, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


C. Request to Air City of Fountain Valley City Council Study Sessions: General Manager Borack presented the request to broadcast the City of Fountain Valley’s City Council study sessions. Director Rice motioned to approve; seconded by Vice Chair Delgleize, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


7.   Old Business: None.


8.   Chair Ta ADJOURNED the meeting to 9:00 A.M. Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at Fountain Valley City Hall, Conference Room 1.


Respectfully submitted,

John M. Borack

General Manager