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June 15, 2016 Minutes

Regular Meeting of June 15, 2016
10200 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


1.   Call to Order: Chair Tri Ta called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.


2.  Roll Call:

Chair Tri Ta                             Westminster      Present        Director Michael Vo                  Fountain Valley         Present

Director Margie Rice             Westminster      Present        Director Cheryl Brothers         Fountain Valley          Present

Director Dave Shawver        Stanton               Present        Director Mike Posey                  Huntington Beach    Present

Director Carol Warren          Stanton               Present        Vice Chair Barbara Delgleize   Huntington Beach    Present



PCTA staff members present:                                              Also present:

Michelle Molko              Attorney                                             Diana Dobbert                          City of Westminster

John M. Borack              General Manager                             Tim Davis                                  City of Fountain Valley

Louis Rocha                   Video Production Manager

Christine M. Gilbert      Administrative Assistant


3.  Public Comments: None.


4.  Consent Calendar: Director Brothers posed a question on Item 4B, inquiring about check #10002 for $3,050 coded to “Video Production Support.” Video Production Manager Rocha explained that this category includes voice-overs, which had not been previously coded to this category. He went on to explain that this check was for a producer who also provided voice-over work. With that question satisfied, Director Brothers motioned to approve the consent calendar; seconded by Director Delgleize, the motion passed unanimously as to those present with an abstention from Director Vo as to Item 4A.



5. Reports:
A.  Report of Board Members: Director Brothers spoke about a breakout session she attended at the SCAN-NATOA conference regarding wireless rights of way. Topics covered included towers and attachments, small cells, densification, shot clocks, cautionary tales, applications, and model ordinances. Director Shawver invited the Board to attend the grand opening of Stanton’s Central Park on June 25th. He mentioned how the park is a special accomplishment – a “people’s park” – and extended the invitation on behalf of the City of Stanton for other cities to witness and share in the celebration.


B.  Report of Administration: General Manager Borack summarized the report, which included channel, rate change and programming notifications from the video service providers; recent press coverage (including “City Finances Explained in New Cable TV Presentation” in Fountain Valley Living Magazine; “Huntington Beach Jr. Lifeguard Documentary” in The Local News; “TV Authority Nominated” in the Orange County Register; and “Meeting Video” in the Orange County Register); an updated customer complaint log; a reminder about the upcoming NATOA Conference in Austin, TX; a user-friendly makeover and upgrade of the PCTA website; and a new PCTA show being produced, “Fuel Up Fitness,” a clip of which was shown at the meeting.  General Manager Borack debriefed the Board on the recent SCAN-NATOA conference, and shared the news that PCTA took home first-place honors in the “Municipal Channel Promotion” category at the annual STAR Awards, as well as having three other programs win second and third place certificates. He also discussed an issue in which some Frontier Communications customers in Huntington Beach noticed fees and taxes that had been waived under Verizon were now being billed to certain Frontier customers. Frontier claims these qualifying customers are required to re-apply via the City of Huntington Beach for the fees to be waived going forward.

General Manager Borack distributed copies of the FY 2014-15 audit to the Board, noting there were no issues found by the auditor. He also alerted the Board that a representative from the Bank of America will be attending the July Board meeting in order to update PCTA signers’ names and information for PCTA accounts.

Video Production Manager Rocha presented the production status report. Director Brothers noted that the Medical Marijuana Presentation in Fountain Valley was excellent, and she recommended that the Directors in the other member cities view it and consider airing it in their cities as well.


     C.  Report of the PCTA Attorney: Attorney Molko spoke about her participation on a panel for one of the sessions at the recent SCAN-NATOA conference, in which she discussed PEG issues including Prop 26, DIVCA, and other items of interest to local municipalities. She talked about the approach of the expiration of the 10 year statewide franchise agreements with cable operators, and the need to “re-authorize” PEG fees at that time, and what that could mean for Local Franchising Authorities. She also touched on the future of PEG fees and the predicted drop in the next 5-10 years as subscribers “cut the cord” and move away from traditional cable, and utilize broadband more and more, which does not provide fees for local agencies.


6.   Closed Session:

A. Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Administrative Assistant: Nothing to report.

B. Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Production Manager: Nothing to report.


7.   New Business:

A.  Consideration and Possible Action to Approve Merit Increases for Administrative Assistant and Production Manager: Director Brothers moved to continue the Item to the next Board meeting; seconded by Director Posey, the motion passed unanimously as to those present. The Board gave direction to staff to conduct a broad survey in order to compile salary, benefit, and other wage information for similar jobs to the Administrative Assistant, Production Manager, and General Manager, at agencies with local programming as part of their duties, to get a broad idea of comparable compensation. The Board also directed staff to compile information of a 5-year history for each position’s pay, and a 5-year history of Cost of Living Adjustments. Attorney Molko suggested the State Controller’s website as a resource, and Director Shawver mentioned that the Board was looking for a point of reference to justify any action made.

B.  Discussion of General Manager’s Performance Evaluation: Attorney Molko stated in past years the Board has formed a 2-person ad hoc sub-committee to perform the evaluation. Each member of the Board would submit their review to the committee, who would then go over the review with the General Manager. Director Shawver noted there were some issues in past years with submitting the reviews to the sub-committee while honoring the Brown Act, but that otherwise the plan worked well. Director Rice nominated Director Shawver to be a member of the subcommittee, and Director Brothers nominated Chair Ta; Director Shawver and Chair Ta both accepted. Attorney Molko recommended that the sub-committee meet with General Manager Borack, send an evaluation form out to the rest of the Board who would then bring the completed forms to the next Board meeting to be discussed during a closed session to finalize the evaluation. The sub-committee could then meet with General Manager Borack to go over the finalized evaluation. Director Brothers moved to accept this plan to carry out the General Manager’s Performance Evaluation with Director Shawver and Chair Ta making up the ad hoc sub-committee; seconded by Director Delgleize, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


C.  Consideration of Renewal of Lease Agreement between the City of Huntington Beach and the PCTA: General Manager Borack presented the Board with a request from the City of Huntington Beach to renew the current lease for PCTA’s office/studio space at Huntington Beach City Hall for an additional year, at a rate of $984.00 per month. Director Rice asked Production Manager Rocha how the studio was working out for PCTA, and he responded that it was okay, though there were a few maintenance issues he would like to see addressed, including carpet cleaning and holes in a wall that was cut into when the City was remodeling the adjoining restrooms. Director Delgleize asked to have those concerns submitted to her with Julie Toledo copied, and they would have them addressed. Director Delgleize motioned the approval to renew the current lease agreement for an additional year. Director Shawver seconded, and Director Rice commented that she would not vote to approve the renewal without assurance that the issues would be taken care of. Stating that he believed Director Delgleize would follow through on the issues, Director Shawver then moved to amend the motion to state that the Board approve the lease agreement with direction to the staff to follow up with the City to address the maintenance issues. Seconded by Director Delgleize, the motion passed unanimously as to those present.


8.   Old Business: none.


9.   Chair Ta ADJOURNED the meeting to 9:00 A.M. Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at Fountain Valley City Hall, Conference Room 1.



Respectfully submitted,

John M. Borack

General Manager